So Much Gravity to What Terrament Has in Store

A bright leader working towards a more sustainable future. Under the Department of Energy’s classification, Long Duration Energy Storage is a storage system that can deliver electricity for 10 or more hours in duration. Terrament, a startup founded by Eric Chaves, is centered around a gravity storage technology setting out to hit the Inter-day, 10–36-hour […]

Head in the Cloud(S), modelizeIT

Nikolai Joukov / CEO, Modelizeit modelizeIT, a 2012 startup launched by Russian emigree Nikolai Joukov, joins ThermoLift, Re-Nuble, Qunnect, Edgewise Energy and Bonded Energy Solutions as the only companies to complete the clean-energy incubator’s commercialization gauntlet. Notably, modelizeIT is a clean-energy company. Its cutting-edge tech focused on cloud migrations (that reduce IT energy consumption by […]

From South Carolina, Lesson Learned by a CEBIP Star

John Davis  / CEO, Storen Technologies, Inc. An Italian energy-storage import that cut its teeth in the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program has made a bold move to South Carolina. Most CEBIP companies have, historically, enjoyed close regional ties to Stony Brook University, but not exclusively – CEBIP has worked with companies here, there and […]

Camaraderie, Collaboration Abound Between Latest CEBIP Graduates

Seonghoon Woo, CEO and Cofounder of Amogy / Joseph Ambrosio, CEO of Unique Electric Solutions A champion of emission-free mobility and an electric vehicle pioneer are the latest companies to complete the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program’s challenging commercialization gauntlet. Brooklyn-based Amogy, which focuses on ammonia as a sustainable and ecological energy source, and Holbrook-based […]