GenH is a next-generation clean energy technology development company that has created a first in class, rapidly deployable, and modular hydropower system termed Adaptive Hydro™. It is designed to electrify non-powered dams and canal heads at scale without construction or investment in fixed infrastructure.



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GenH is the first hydropower company to develop a rapidly deployable, fully modular system (Adaptive Hydro™) to electrify non-powered dams and canal heads without construction or investment, in any fixed infrastructure. Only 3% of all US dams are currently electrified. With rapid electrification, Adaptive Hydro™ opens massive new markets for hydroelectricity. It delivers multi-year stable kWh production without the need for storage, is located near demand or transmission, and is half the kWh cost of Natural Gas. Adaptive Hydro™ benefits dam and canal owners by providing new no-cost, no-impact revenue opportunities. The hydropower market is currently untapped due to:

Unpredictable and varying lead times due to permitting and construction delays

The dominance of low-cost Natural Gas (NG)

GenH’s Adaptive Hydro™ eliminates these barriers, resulting in a unique opportunity to reposition hydropower as a highly competitive, rapidly deployable, low cost, and clean energy source. The Adaptive Hydro™ system is initially being applied to utility owned canal systems. Canal systems are the fastest path to commercial revenues due to a streamlined permitting process.

GenH’s business model is an at-will agreement with dam/canal owners. GenH takes complete responsibility for the project and shares the revenue in exchange for rights to electrify the dam/ canal. The model is attractive to dam owners as it delivers new revenue streams, without requiring them to take on any business risk. The model has been proven in fracking and Midwestern wind. GenH has identified project development partners which will: reduce early execution risk, increase early adopter confidence, and expand customer acquisition channels.

The Adaptive Hydro™ system is composed of off-the-shelf, mass-produced components. GenH’s system positively impacts the climate, the surrounding environment, and the local rural and agricultural economies. In addition to producing clean energy, the Adaptive Hydro™ system can solve the environmental problems associated with dams. GenH is partnering with major environmental and conservancy groups to remove dams by matching the upstream and downstream environmental conditions (oxygenation, sediment/nutrition) and allowing unimpeded fish passage. We believe GenH can electrify, within the next 10 years, upwards of 5% of the technical resource due to the unique nature of the system and rapid deployment capabilities. This would provide 3.5 GW of capacity and create a potential offset of ~0.2GT CO2e.

Lastly, GenH’s business model will create jobs, preserve tourism revenues, and enhance municipal revenue for rural/suburban and disadvantaged communities.