Launched in 2011, CEBIP delivers hard-tech at scale, launching next-generation energy-based solutions, from concept-to-commercialization, keeping pace with the high energy demands of regional Long Island/New York City (LI/NYC) and fulfilling the goals of the 2019 New York State (NYS) Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA, Climate Act).

CEBIP powers access to capital, expertise, and opportunities through the strength of our Portal Partners.

Launched in 2011, CEBIP Incubate is a vital resource for the zero-emission visionary ready to advance breakthrough technology. With expert advisors and world-class resources, CEBIP founders succeed in an ever-changing clean energy industry.

Launched in 2023, CETX combines multi-faceted market intelligence and diligent deep tech scouting to identify feasible ventures. Leveraging IP partner relationships, CETX advances the starting point for founders with visions of high impact.

“The input and mentoring through CEBIP was and continues to be priceless for our development – it opened paths otherwise inaccessible for us.”

Paul Schwartz

Co-founder of Thermolift