Nanom delivers breakthrough performance by designing tailored and highly-functional nanomaterials making energy storage smarter, more efficient and longer lasting. Our nanoparticles are created at industrial volumes and are applied to a range of energy storage applications. Application of nanoparticles has been proven to create paradigm shifts in the energy sector. Yet nanomaterials have remained locked […]


IceWind is an energy solutions provider of microgrids that feature our international design-patented micro vertical-axis wind turbines paired with smart electronics. Founded in 2012 in Iceland, IceWind aims to accelerate decentralized power generation that provides dependable and green energy for remote, underserved, and austere environments such as the Arctic and coastal/marine areas. IceWind designs and […]


ThermoLift is the industry’s only heating, cooling and hot water system that is zeroing in on net-zero carbon today.


Re-Nuble’s mission is to help global agricultural communities utilize localized food waste for more sustainable growing practices.


We’re a dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and developers pushing quantum technology toward unparalleled scale.  


Our software analyzes deep configuration details of enterprise software systems on almost any operating system to produce meaningful application diagrams even with no human input.

Edgewise Energy

Edgewise Energy evaluates the latest developments in policy, technology, and financial instruments to create opportunities for landowners to make their properties more resilient, sustainable and profitable.

Bonded Energy Solutions

Bonded Energy Solutions (BES) has designed and developed a patented, bi-directional, cloud-based Building Management System (BMS) that creates zones in steam heated buildings.


We build technology that unlocks ammonia’s potential as a clean energy source, accelerating the global journey to Net Zero and sustaining future generations.