Voltair Power integrates existing technology with patent pending energy production, management, and storage solutions to eliminate Green House Gas emissions from buildings. Solutions range from high temperature air to water heat pumps achieving water temperatures greater than 175F, to thermal storage solutions that can provide both thermal and electrical energy as needed.


Point of Contact

By integrating the strengths of Voltair founders, Voltair provides clients with the integration of existing technology with innovative creativity. Voltair enhances technology that has existed and provides patent pending innovative solutions to today’s global building and environmental problems. By listening to market “pain”, Voltair provides pain relieving solutions from concept to commissioning providing a complete spectrum of services to ensure durable benefits to both building owners and residents.

From patent pending thermal energy storage systems to innovative heat pumps paired with solar energy, Voltair is working to eliminate Green House Gas emissions from buildings. With a unique focus on air to water heat pumps, Voltair is addressing the defrost cycle, water temperatures greater than 175F, and electrical power sourcing when the power grid fails. Beginning with Concept, Feasibility studies, & Finance segueing to Engineering, Permitting, Project Management, & Installation, Voltair is a full spectrum solution provider to the commercial and residential building sector.