At GenH, History Lessons and Future Foundations, a La Asimov

Siddharth Pannir / Founder, GenH It is always depressing reading the Asimov novels. I had come across them in one of the rare libraries in pre-2006 India and was immediately taken by the fantastical futures Asimov presented. While these fantastic adventures were essentially retellings of historical events (the Foundation series is a reiteration of the […]

A Decade Later, Advisor Farrell Still Loves Playing the Board

Ray Farrell / Partner, Carter, Deluca & Farrell LLP If Long Island innovation has a personal IP attorney, it must be Ray Farrell. The co-founder of Melville-based IP law powerhouse Carter, DeLuca & Farrell has long been a background booster – and front-row facilitator – of regional commercialization, both on the job and in his […]

Deciding How You Will Live Your Life Is the Real Key to Success

Jerrit Gluck / CEO at Voltair Power Inc. It’s the American dream: running a successful business by day, free time with a close-knit, loving family at night. Many entrepreneurs work hard each day with that goal in mind. But it’s not easy. Not every entrepreneur would willingly let go of half of the dream to […]

For This Professor/Dean/Advisor, It’s All About Who (and What) You Know

Dr. Jon Longtin / Interim Dean of Stony Brook University’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University From the Never Stop Learning File comes Jon Longtin, interim dean of Stony Brook University’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, professor in SBU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and eternal […]

How to Make Sales, Without Really Selling

Anne Wolfson / Owner, Anne Wolfson, PLLC Many of us dream of launching a new business – whether a novel software platform, a manufacturing operation or a unique technical or professional service. Entrepreneurs have new ideas and begin figuring out at least the initial stages of creating them: identifying whom to work with to efficiently […]

Five Years in, CEBIP Still Amazes Major League Utility Player

Steven DeCarlo / Director of Utility Services, Colliers Engineering The Clean Energy Business Incubator Program Advisory Board is packed with complementary professionals – experts in energy, commercialization, government regulation and other areas critical to early-stage clean-energy enterprises. About five years ago, CEBIP leadership noticed a gap in the expertise chain: The esteemed panel could use […]

Stay in or Pull Back: A Founder’s (and Father’s) Challenge

David Hamilton / Director of Programs, Sbu Economic Development One of my biggest challenges, in both my personal and professional lives, is knowing when to pull back from a discussion or decision, and when to take control and drive the thing home. It’s always a hard call. And pulling back is usually a hard choice, […]

Jersey Boy: Cavanagh Gives CEBIP a Little Regional Perspective

Christopher Cavanagh / Principal Engineer in National Grid’s Future of Heat Engineering Team In a world where power grids are regional, wind industries are national and interconnectivity rules, energy innovation knows no borders. Exhibit A: Clean Energy Business Incubator Program Advisory Board member Christopher Cavanagh, a National Grid engineering manager who’s spent decades modernizing power […]