So Much Gravity to What Terrament Has in Store

A bright leader working towards a more sustainable future. Under the Department of Energy’s classification, Long Duration Energy Storage is a storage system that can deliver electricity for 10 or more hours in duration. Terrament, a startup founded by Eric Chaves, is centered around a gravity storage technology setting out to hit the Inter-day, 10–36-hour […]

Long-Duration Energy Storage is a Must-Have for Grid Stability

Without long-duration energy storage (LDES) technologies, energy-supply gaps and frequent outages will plague our path to a clean-energy future. The transition to wind- and solar-generated power must include new technologies to effectively store energy when demand is low and efficiently distribute it when demand is high. Peak Load Supply and Demand graphs – image courtesy […]

At GenH, History Lessons and Future Foundations, a La Asimov

Siddharth Pannir / Founder, GenH It is always depressing reading the Asimov novels. I had come across them in one of the rare libraries in pre-2006 India and was immediately taken by the fantastical futures Asimov presented. While these fantastic adventures were essentially retellings of historical events (the Foundation series is a reiteration of the […]

A Decade Later, Advisor Farrell Still Loves Playing the Board

Ray Farrell / Partner, Carter, Deluca & Farrell LLP If Long Island innovation has a personal IP attorney, it must be Ray Farrell. The co-founder of Melville-based IP law powerhouse Carter, DeLuca & Farrell has long been a background booster – and front-row facilitator – of regional commercialization, both on the job and in his […]