Christopher Cavanagh

Christopher Cavanagh is a Principal Engineer in National Grid’s future of heat engineering team and is responsible for developing primarily responsible for design and implementing hydrogen blending demonstrations He was recently responsible for implementing a process for the development of new electric and gas technologies for customers to support National Grid’s goals. Mr. Cavanagh has thirty-four years experience in product development at National Grid and its predecessor companies. Mr. Cavanagh previously managed research programs in the areas of alternative fuel vehicles, advanced heating & cooling and distributed generation, including fuel cells. Mr. Cavanagh was a senior engineer with the New York architect-engineering firm, Gibbs & Hill.

Mr. Cavanagh is a licensed professional engineer and a Member of the American Society of Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineers and has been a mentor and judge in the CleanTech Open , Powerbridge NY and Clean Fight programs. Mr. Cavanagh is a graduate of Brooklyn Tech HS and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Cooper Union, an MS from Polytechnic University and an MBA from Dowling College. Mr. Cavanagh resides in Hazlet, NJ where he serves as Chairman of the Land Use Board, a Commissioner of the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority, former chairman or Open Space Advisory Council and one of the environmental commissioners.

Mr. Cavanagh is also helped develop a STEM program for NYC Middle School students considering Brooklyn Tech HS and is also the Problem Captain in NJ for the structure problem in the annual international Odyssey if the Mind competitions for school age children and was previously a regular judge at the NYC FIRST Robotics Competition.